Guardians of Sosaria


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The Pathfinders of the Guardians are men and women who are the Adventurers of GoS. These men and women like nothing more than roaming around the Land of Brittania doing what they like to do best. Not specializing in Magery or Warfare, the Pathfinders of GoS covers a large range of members.


Lead by the Royal Pathfinder, a member of the High Council, the Pathfinders has the most members of any section, given the types of members that can be found within. Pathfinders can be anyone with non-specialization skills in either Magery or any Hand to Hand Combat. The basis behind the Pathfinders is Adventure, Exploration, and the growth of the Guardians of Sosaria. They can number from anywhere to Archers to Bards to Animal Tamers to Treasure Hunters. (Archers are may be found in Defenders division as well)

1.) Royal Pathfinder : Head of the Pathfinder's Section, the Royal Pathfinder sits on the High Council and has a voice in its day to day matters. He is in charge of the training, the assignment of tasks and duties and more to his section. The Royal Pathfinder should be a GM in more than one skill....skills that are successfully used in his travels across the land and breadth of Britannia. Whether it be Combat oriented, Magery, or others.

2.) Pathfinder : The Veterans of the Pathfinders Section, the Pathfinders are the left in charge of the Section when the Royal Pathfinder is not around. Gm in one skill or more is essential, but not required, althought it should be high enough. Tasks and duties could be anything from making runebooks, to marking runes for good hunting spots, to helping train the newer members of the Guardians.

3.) TrailBlazer : The bulwark of the Pathfinder's Section, the Trailblazers are the veterans of the Pathfinders and are quite proficient in whatever skills they possess.

4.) Scout : The Scouts, although no longer Guides, are still in there learning stages and they should accompany the Trailblazers or Pathfinders in there journey's across the Land.

5.) Guide : The newer members of the Pathfinders, these men and women are here to learn all about the land and how to use there skills to there best advantage.

6.) T Hunter : A specialized Pathfinder dedicated to the Art of Treasure Hunting, these men and women are given this special title because of its singularity and purpose behind their Titles. T Hunters are a valuable part of the Pathfinders and the Guardians of Sosaria as a whole.

7.) Critter Keeper : Critter Keepers are basically Animal Tamers, Tamers who are also are specialized Pathfinders found within the Guardians. These men and women have dedicated to Taming and the preservation of their ' Pets ' .
Because of their unique skills, they are given a special Title as well.


As you can see, the Pathfinders section is the most varied and largest section within the Guardians. Special care and attention has been given to the more specialized members of the Guardians, such as the T Hunters and the Tamers. In the future the Pathfinders may further be broken down into smaller sections when the Guild gets larger, to reflect the many types of members within the section.