Guardians of Sosaria


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Our homeland, aptly named Spiritwood, encircles the Shrine of Spirituality. With Britian to the north and Trinsic to the south, the valley runs between Dragonhame Mountian to the west and the Fens of the Dead Swamp to the east. It is here we work in peace and relative solitude, surrounded by peaceful wildlife and lush forests. It is here we enjoy the companionship of each other and spar on the lush lawn.

Since the inception of GoS, the Guardians of Sosaria, the Guild has grown steadily larger. Several services are offered to the Guardians as well as those not Allied or Guilded with the Guardians.

First and foremost we have our Cloister. Everything needed for skill gaining is here; spinning wheel and loom, pickpocket dip, training dummy and an assortment of weapons to use on him, oven, forge & anvil. We keep a collection of spare armor for sparring on the lawn or grabbing on hunts for that quick trip back to retrieve your good stuff.

Our lodge is located across the lawn.  Popular after hunts for that quick cool ale from the barkeep, the lodge also features games for relaxation; chess, checkers, backgammon, dice, darts and billards.
In between the Cloister and the Lodge is the lovely  private home of our precious flower, Lily Prower.  Her home is almost as much of a visual delight as the lady herself.
A new addition, and a work in progress, is our Library for the Young & Young at Heart, located just west of the lodge.  This is a library dedicated to those new to the realm or perhaps researching a new skill.  Here we hope to house books on all skills as well as books to help the young find ways to make tht much needed gold and get started in Roleplay.
City Hall can be found just to the east, along the roadside.  This serves as a meeting place.  We store items to be used to help the newer residents of the realm here. The High Council has a chamber room upstairs here as well.
Across the road to the east from Town Hall is the Mayors Manor.  The private residence and workshop of Lady Savhanna.

We also have a nice collection of books in our Library/ Hall of Fame located in the small tower next to City Hall.  Our Homeless Guild Mates are allowed to live here. Depending on longevity and the need of space, each homeless guild mate in the Guardians is taken into consideration and either put on a waiting list or given one of the four slots that we have in the Small Tower.

One of our great assets is our Guild Vendor House, aptly named as the Merchant's Menagrie, located at the south end of the valley just west of the road. The Vendors there are stocked daily and kept up to date, the quality and quantity of the items being sold is perfect, and the variety of items and goods being sold is quite varied and can be used by many people within and without the Guild.

Upstairs of this marble workshop the Vendor House is located in is a conventional Rune Library that we also can use at our leisure.
Our newest addition, is our Stables and Tavern,  found just to the west of the vendor house.  Here we can wind down after a hunt, or just gather and share an ale and fine spirits, or a quiet converstion in the rooftop garden.
To the far north of Spiritwood you will find the Reverance Inn.  The inn features a large music room for your enjoyment.

On the west edge of Spiritwood, at the south end of the river, near the edge of Dragonhane Mountain, we have purchased a small tower as a mining house for our mates use. A collection of runebooks for each type of ore as well as generally good mining spots can be found there, and of course and anvil and forge. Guildmates may keep a strong box there if they so choose.

Another recent aquirement is a small tower that is used as a second, less structured vendor house where guildmates may sell items collected on hunts as well as duplicate items already being sold at Merchant's Menagerie.

The Guild House, along with the Barracks and other houses in the area, are all located near and around the Shrine of Spirituality. Those of you interested can stop by and see us around.

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