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The Merchants of GoS are the members of the Guardians of Sosaria who are the working class of the Guild. These men and women further their careers in the many trades and crafts found throughout the Land of Brittania in this section. Working closely together, these merchants can learn their crafts with the aid and help from others.


Lead by the Master Merchant, a member of the High Council, the Merchants of GoS cover a large category of working skills, ranging from Smithing to Tailoring to Prospecting. Eventhough the merchants may not fight or cast magic like the other sections do, they are neverheless important in their own right as they provide much needed services and supplies to the other sections of GoS. Their skill in the major craft of their choosing is shown on their Title, and increase of Skill means increase in Title/Rank.

1.) Master Merchant : The Leader of the Merchants of GoS, he is dedicated to helping the Merchants further their skills in their chosen craft, the training of each and every member, helping as able to give them an outlet for products made while gaining skills, and much, much more. His tasks are large and varied, and covers a lot of ground given the amount of Crafts and Trades found in Brittania. The Master Merchant must have strong working knowledge of every craft in Brittania, as well as be a GM in one or more of said Crafts. He is in charge of overseeing the daily matters concerning the GoS vendor houses.

2.) GrandMaster : As the name indicates, a GrandMaster must be a Grandmaster at his chosen skill. Whether it be a Grandmaster Smith, or a Grandmaster Tailor, or else. Whatever skill he GMs in, the skill name will be added on to the end of his title..aka.. GrandMaster Smith...or Grandmaster Craftsman.

3.) Master : A Master in a chosen skill must have a high enough skill to be chosen as a Master, a skill of 90 or better.

4.) JourneyMan : A JourneyMan has average skills in whatever skill he has chosen to can be anywhere between 70-90.

5.) Apprentice : Newly arrived to the Merchants, the Apprentice must work hard to gain JourneyMan status or better.


With the addition of the Guild Vendor Houses to the Guardians, the Merchants of GoS is a very important section to the Guardians and will continue to be one. Our vendor house, Merchant's Menagerie & Rune Library is one of the best rated vendor houses of the UO Merchant's Alliance. The purpose of the vendor house is first and foremost to provide an outlet to those gaining skill where possible, and a place for GM's in other skills as space is open. Business and advertisements are good as well, so the Vendor House is an attractive part of the Guild. With the addition of more Merchants into the Guardians, the Merchants of GoS may be broken down into smaller sections in the future.