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As the Guardians grow, valuable members will come and go, and the list of the Hall of Fame will also grow. To show our appreciation to the long gone, we have erected a Shrine of Guardians in honor of the members of GoS who have influenced the guild greatly, and moved on to influence others they may touch. We will miss them all greatly.


Jaxom was the first High Lord of GoS, and the founding father of the guild. It was his interest in roleplay and old world history/myth that was the foundation for GoS. His belief in people and that everyone has the ability to grow and learn was his best gift to the guild. Jaxom saw the best in everyone. He will be missed without doubt. As he was at the helm of GoS in the beginning, a valorite helm bearing his name has been placed in Sylver's Barracks of Valor, in his honor, that his ideals may never be forgotten.

Sylver is one of the High Lord's oldest friends, dating back to the old Champions of Light days where they started together. One of my fondest memories of Sylver fighting three Pkers at the EastBank of Brittania in Feluccia. After a long drawn out battle with the three villians, Sylver finally drove them off and left me in awe of his prowess. We have dedicated the new small tower that is used for the Homeless GuildMates to Sylver and named it Sylver's Barracks of Valor. A good name for a character like Sylver. He will be sorely missed as a good friend and a loyal GuildMate. (It is with great joy that the High Lady adds note here that Sylver has returned to UO and to the Guardians as well.)

One of the oldest members in the Guardians of Sosaria besides the High Lord and High Lady, Theo had the Title of High Chamberlain and wore it well. His exuberance, youthfulness, and vigor was refreshing as was his attitude. He kept all of us on our toes and his skills were top notch in the arts of fighting and magery. His biggest strength, however, was his loyalty and dedication to the Guild, and as a friend to the High Lord and High Lady. His Title, the High Chamberlain, was retired in his honor and no one else will carry the name besides him. He shall also be sorely missed. The guild's ship was named in dedication to him.

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