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Defenders of the Guardians


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The Defenders of GoS is the main body of the Guardians of Sosaria. These men and women are the stalwart warriors of the Guardians and are dedicated to the art of warfare and war itself. Not to be confused with either the Knights of Virtue or the Pathfinders, the Defenders is a section dedicated to the training of its more combat oriented members.


Lead by the Royal Commander, a member of the High Council, the Defenders of GoS have combat oriented skills dedicated to the art of warfare. Skills such as Swordsmanship, Fencing, Macing, and Archery, along with the skills of Parrying, Anatomy and Tactics, are all considered to be prime examples of a Defender of GoS. But ultimately the decision whether to be a Defender or not lies on the Person in question and the High Lady.

1.) Royal Commander : The leader of the Defenders, the Royal Commander is solely in charge of this section, its training, and who should be placed where as far as titles or ranks goes within the Defenders. He or she is fully responsible in overseeing the training of Soldiers and Myrmidons, and seeing to the needs of its members. In order to be a Royal Commander, one must have leadership skills, dedication to the Guardians, a responsibility to do his or her tasks, and Grandmastering in at least one Combat Skill. Preferably two or more GM in Combat skills.

2.) Commander : Next in line and next in charge of the Defenders, these Commanders are the lackeys of the Royal Commander and there can only be three at one time. Leadership skill, dedication to the training of lesser warriors, and GMing in at least one combat skill is a requirement to be a Commander.

3.) Defender : The bulwark of the Defenders, these men and women are proven veterans of the Guard and are called upon to do all sorts of things, whether it be going on hunts, to war, or more. Must be a veteran, and have some fairly good combat skills as well.

4.) Myrmidon : The Myrmidon are the soldiers of the Defenders not yet veterans of the combat arts. These men, no longer Soldiers are still learning the arts of combat...and stand to learn from those higher up.

5. ) Soldier : The Soldier are the men and women of the Defenders newly arrived to the Guardians and who wish to learn the arts of warfare. New to Combat and such, these men and women are going to be great Adventurers in their own rights given time.


The Defenders of GoS is an integral part of the Guardians, as much as the Knights and the Pathfinders. But because all three sections are so similar to each other, special attention is given to the members and what they portray themselves to be doing. If a member firmly believes that he/she likes to fight, fight, fight all the time, then a Defender he/she is.