Guardians of Sosaria
Knights of Virtue


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The Knights of Virtue number 12 in all and each one represents one of the 12 Virtues of the Guardians of Sosaria. Led by the High Paladin, the Knights represent the best of the best in the Guardians and are called upon to protect and serve the Guild as best as they can.


The Knights of Virtue number twelve in all, and they are, in short : Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Control, Passion, Diligence, and Singularity. The last four Virtues are the newest Virtues..they are the Gargoyle Virtues of Time Past. When all seats of the Knights of Virtue are filled, then the High Paladin's position will be filled. There is an exception to that rule, as always there are exceptions. The High Paladin can be directly chosen by the High Lady in commeration of his outstanding ability in battle as well as his kindness shown and given to others. The High Paladin can be chosen by the High Lady out of the Twelve Knights of Virtue, or it can be chosen by a vote within the Knights of Virtue or lastly it can be decided by Tournament.

Other Guardians who wish to be a Knight of Virtue but do not have the proper skills to do Gm in one skill or none ... can become a Squire of Virtue if a Knight of Virtue takes him or her under his wing and trains him for Knighthood. When the Squire becomes eligible for a seat on the Knight of Virtue, he must undergo a test of the High Lady and the Knight of Virtue's own making. When he passes, he can choose what seat of the Knights of Virtue he wants to be. There can only be one Squire of Virtue per Knight of Virtue.

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To be a Knight of Virtue you must have GMed 4 skills or more that are of Combat Oriented, whether it be a Hand to Hand Combat Skill such as Swordsmanship, or Archery, or whether it be Magery related skills, as well as Barding , and Taming. Once you have GMed four combat oriented skills, then you may approach the High Lady and request a spot in the Knights of Virtue.