Guardians of Sosaria


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The ShadowMasters are the most mysterious of all the Sections in the Guardians, and use skills of subterfuge and espionage to further their own gain as well as the Guardians. Although using skills that some do not like, these men and women are regardless honorable in what they do...and quite skilled at it too.


The ShadowMasters, lead by the ShadowMaster himself, is dedicated to using their skills in espionage and subterfuge, to further their own ends and that of the Guardians. Using specialized skills found nowhere else in the Guardians, these men and women are definetly important in their own right. Because of its mysterious background, the tasks and jobs of the ShadowMasters are largely unknown, only known by the ShadowMaster and the High Lady herself.

1.) ShadowMaster : The ShadowMaster is the head of the ShadowMasters as well as he sits on the High Council. He needs to be a responsible member of the Guild, and dedicated to the Guardians, and helping others out. He should be a GM in at least one skill related to espionage and thievery skills as well as having vast knowledge of the related shadow skills. His tasks include the training of new members, assigning tasks and duties to his underlings and more.

2.) ShadowLord : The ShadowLords are the Second in Commands and their tasks and duties are similar to that of the ShadowMaster except they are not on the High Council. They should be, but not required to be, a GM in at least one related skill.

3.) ShadowKnight : The bulwark of the ShadowMasters Section, these men and women have come far in what they have done and have proven themselves to be Shadows. There tasks and duties can range to any number of things.. and they should be veterans as well.

4.)Shadow : No longer Rogues, but still in training, these men and women have come learned quite a bit in the arts of espionage and subterfuge. What makes them stick out from the Rogues are their keen understanding of their role in the Guardians.

5.) Rogue : The newest members of the ShadowMasters, these men and women are to be trained by Shadows. Possessing no or little skill in any of the espionage or thieving skills, they must learn a lot before moving on.


Not much is known about the ShadowMasters except that they can be found anywhere in Brittania doing something...'Shadowy'. Nevertheless their work is just as important as anyone else's.