Guardians of Sosaria
Policies of the Guardians


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Just like all Guilds found in the Land of Brittania, the Guardians of Sosaria have a few rules to uphold and to establish for its members. These are essential to keep a guild running smoothly and avoid conflicts.


1.) Communication : Communication is ESSENTIAL!! In order for this Guild to work, we require TWO things from all is some kind of email address, and two, ICQ, the form of communication software widely used by all UO players. Emails are essential in such a way where members want to send large quantities of mail to each other, and ICQ is the best way of contacting for help, services or asking another member who is not in the same area. To get Icq, go to Cool Links to Other Web Sites to the left of this and then click on It will take you to a Web Site where you can download Icq. Follow the on screen directions and you will be fine, and ready to play!

2.) Recruitment : Recruitment in GoS is a serious issue and we take a lot of things into consideration when we do recruit. We choose to be a small close knit guild and therefore we recruit slowly, taking time between recruits to allow them to merge in the guild with a feeling of belonging before recruiting more. Many factors come into play and then the High Council will vote upon whether the Member is accepted into Guild or not. We follow a set Guidelines on how we recruit and how we induct our members into the Guild. The first thing they must do is go to the Join Now Page, read, and then fill out the questionnaire and send out to the Guild's Mistress. Then from there we vote on it. When they are first approved to join Guild, then they become Accepted until further notice. Restrictions are placed upon them; such as Icq and Email Addresses are not given out, certain areas of the Guild House and other places of interest in the Guardians. Once the Accepted has proven his or her ability to mix in well with the Guardians, as well as has time to see if we truly are the guild of choice for them, then he or she will discuss things with the High Lady and a final vote of High Council will be taken, with them having time to get to know the new member. Following that they may become a full blown member of the Guardians and will be able to have full access to all the resources we have at our disposal.

3.) Guild Colors : Guild Colors are Black, Green and Gold, and you may wear it in any combination you please, as long as two of the above colors are shown at Guild Events. The Vote for the Guild Colors was Black, Gold and Green, and for policy sakes it will remain that way. The Policy of Guild Colors is very loose...the only requirement for Guild Colors at this time is wear the Colors at Guild Events...other than that...the Guardians may wear anything they please.

4.) NO Pking and NO Unneccessary Looting : Unless told otherwise, the Guardians MUST NOT Pk and MUST NOT LOOT other players besides the Guardians themselves, and that is if you are handing back items owned by the other Guardian. Again I repeat.. NO PKING, NO LOOTING, or action by the High Lady will ensue. Remember we are guild of good based on helping others and upholding the virtues.

5.) We are a family, and as in all families disputes will arise from time to time. These are to be taken to the High Lady or the Magistrate, in person, by icq or by email. Bringing others into the dispute is not conducive to a harmonious atmosphere in the guild. When taken to extreme this type of behavior can cause division within the guild. This type of behavior is therefore forbidden and will result in removal from the stone and the guild's email group.

6.) When forwarding icq's the icq # of the original sender should always be removed as a matter of courtesy and respect for privacy. Only icq's intened to be relayed should be forwarded with express consent. Remember these are private conversations. Look at in the same way you would not record a private phonecall and play it for others.
Icq numbers and email addresses are not to be given out without permission, except between full fledged members of the guild, ie. Jack is at a pc at work and needs Sam to forward him Mac's icq #.

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