Guardians of Sosaria
The Twelve Virtues of the Guardians


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The 12 Virtues of the Guardians consists of the 8 Virtues of Brittania created by Lord British himself, and the 4 Gargoyle Virtues that were introduced in the Gargoyle War that shook the Land of Brittania to its foundations


1.) Honesty : Be honest with yourself and with others, and tell the truth whenever possible. For without honesty how can we build the trust which is needed to maximize our successes and happiness.

2.) Compassion : Learn to love others for who they are and what they not judge a person by its looks or its skills, but by its merits..give one compassion, and you will find love within yourself.

3.) Valor : Stride into battle with swords held high, protect those weaker, and be brave in the face of impending danger. Showing Valor shows Courage, and also shows leadership and concern for others.

4.) Justice : Be fair and judge with a keen eye; dispense swift Justice to the offended and protect the defended from further harm. Judge with a keen eye towards the truth and you shall never fall from the path of Justice. Lord British defines Justice as Truth tempered by Love.

5.) Sacrifice : Learn to give yourself when all else fails. Selfishness breeds distrust, and distrusts breeds hatred, thus a little bit of sacrifice to others will go a long ways.

6.) Honor : Walk the world with your chin held high, carry yourself with Honor and Dignity that befits a Guardian. To find Honor within yourself you must follow the other Virtues of the Guardians.

7.) Spirituality : Be at peace with oneself, and you are at peace with the world at large. Find who you are, and what you are, and always strive for the best for you and only you. Spirituality is the Virtue that comes from within.

8.) Humility : Be humble and fair to others, do not be prideful and boast of your skills and accomplishments to others, for that does not show Humility. Be thankful for what you are and what you have, for you will always find someone better at something than you.

9.) Control : Learn to control oneself and your actions towards yourself and others. Learn to think with a level head and a clear thought and not walk into a situation with fog clouding your mind and heart.

10.) Passion : Learn to love and love others with a fiery Passion within yourself. Passion breeds some other Virtues, especially Compassion, and without Passion some Virtues will not exist.

11.) Diligence : Be ever diligent to your tasks at hand, no matter how hard they may get or how monotonous the duty is. With keen patience and Diligence, a Guardian may find its own path in the world.

12.) Singularity : Be not a copy of someone else's idea, but breed your own ideas and thoughts. The key to Singularity is being yourself and who you are. Once you find Singularity, all else will fall into place

The 12 Virtues of the Guardians of Sosaria are to be upheld by all. To reflect this we have in place the Knights of Virute led by the High Paladin of GoS. The Knights of Virtue, 12 in all, each exemplify a Virtue of the Guardians.