Guardians of Sosaria
Guardians of Spiritwood


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The Guardians of Spiritwood are those members that make the personal choice to be on our warstone and battle members of other guilds for our protection, to follow the call of the Regent-Governor of Brittania, or to come to the aid of our friends and allies.  Members are free to come and go from the warstone at any time of their own choosing.

In our dealings with other guilds and warfare we have a strict set of rules the Guardians must adhere to.
1.  All chance encounters must be roleplayed into.  There is to be
     no Killing on Sight. 
2.  There will be no deathrobing.  No repeat killing of an
     opponent.   If they are in a deathrobe assume they are on the
     battlefield to retrieve their belongings.
3.  Absolutely Positively NO LOOTING.
4.  When killed you are to gather your belongings and leave the
     battle area in your deathrobe and wait 15minutes before
     returning unless instructed otherwise by Guardian in charge at
     the time.
5.  Many battles are prearranged by the GM's of the guilds
     involved.   In these instances the agreed upon rules will be
     given to you in advance and are to be adhered to.
6.  Guardians are free to choose what armor and weapons they
     carry into battle but should realize that not every guild we
     battle will have the same rules as we do.  Wear what you are
     willing to insure or risk.
7.  Guardians are to remain In Character at all times in battle. 
     Some victory or smack talk is to be expected but keep it in
     context to the era and In Character.
8.  Any grievances that occur, that cannot be resolved swiftly and
     politely on the battlefield are to be taken to the GuildMistress
     Guardian in charge.   She will follow up with the GM of the
     person in question.  For this you will need to report character
     name,  guild tag, and what occured.

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