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The Guardians of Sosaria take Recruitment very seriously and they are looking for the best of the best to be in the Guild. However, they are not as picky as it may seem at first glance and as you read on you may get a glimmer of an idea of what we can expect of you and future members of the Guardians.

In order to apply for membership in the Guardians, we require you answer this questionnare and then send it out to the GuildMaster/WebMaster of the Guardians of Sosaria. The following questions down below are easy to understand and not hard to follow at all. By clicking on the link below that, it will take you to an email page where you can answer the questionnaire and send it on to us. Once we have recieved the Email from you, we then will review it, read it over, and then the High Council will vote on it..and get back to you as soon as possible. Fairness is always counted for when reading these emails. From there we will send an email back and let you know how it goes. So please fill out the questionnare down below for us.

1.) If interested in the Guardians of Sosaria, how many characters do you plan on adding to the Guild and what are there names?
2.) Are any of your characters members of a Guild at this present time? If so..what is it?
3.) If any of your characters have been in a Guild, please try to list them all down for me. If not, no problems there.
4.) Curiousity old are you and how long have you played Roleplaying games?
5.) Would you consider yourself a Good Roleplayer or a Game Fanatic who likes to kill and shoot monsters?
6.) What would you want the Guardians of Sosaria to be in your own image? Come on folks.. we all want to have the perfect Guild ..what is yours?
7.) What made you choose us over the other many guilds in the realm?
7.) STILL INTERESTED?!?! If so...write the names of the characters who wish to join, and add the following information to each character...What are your Stats? Name the top five Skills you possess and what are they? What is your fame? ( Illustrious, Glorious, Honorable, Respectable, so on... )

Thats it folks!! Simple isnt it?

YES! I am interested in joining.

If you want to join the Guardians of Sosaria, use the Link above to send us an Email. Please answer all the above questions in the questionnaire in order to be considered into the Guardians. We will try and get back to you as soon as possible!! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

After submitting the form above, we will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss a few rules and requirements before entering the Guardians. Feel free to browse through our page, send us an email, or a message and stop by our Guild House while you wait. Hope to hear from you again!