Guardians of Sosaria
Socerer's Conclave


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The Sorcerer's Conclave is the section devoted to Magic and Magery, and the training of its members in the art of Magic. The Mages of GoS are found within this section and devote their time and attention to learning the time consuming skills of Magery and its environs.


The Socerers Conclave, lead by the High Sorcerer, a member of the High Council, is the section devoted to magic and its related skills. Whether it is used in combat or is peaceful in nature, those with an inclination towards magery will be found in this section.


1.) High Sorcerer : The leader of the Sorcerer's Conclave, his duties are similar to that of the Royal Commander except his tasks fall in the realm of Magic. He will be called upon to do a number of things, as Magic is widely used and used for many different things. A responsibilty to the Guardians, a dedication to seeing it work and leadership abilities all count towards being the High Sorcerer as well as Gming in Magery and one or two more skills magery related skills.

2.) ArchMage : The Veterans of the Sorcerer's Conclave the ArchMages are GM mages or close to its equivalent and are exceptional mages in their own right.

3.) Sorcerer : Mages who are still yet in training and havent accomplished the title of Archmage yet.

4.) Dedicated : Just beginning to learn his craft, the Dedicated are mages who are still yet learning.

5.) Initiate : Initiates are new to the Art of Magery and require a lot of training to succeed in the Magical Arts.


Like the Pathfinders of GoS, the Sorcerer's Conclave may be changed in the future when the Guild gets larger. With the addition of more Mages to the Guild, the Sorcerer's Conclave will change accordingly to show what a true Conclave will look like.