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Any good Guild needs organization and stability to prosper in the Land of Brittania. With organized rules and a ranks system, a Guild may be able to further its own ends. The Guardians of Sosaria has its own brand of Titles and Ranks System, and in the following few pages, this will take an in-depth look at what makes the Guardians tick.


The Guardians of Sosaria Sections

the High Council
Knights of Virtue
the Defenders of GoS
the Sorcerers' Conclave
the Pathfinders
the Shadow Masters
the Merchants of G0S
the Guardians of Sosaria Members

The Guardians of Sosaria and The Guardians of Spiritwood are one family.  The Guardians of Spiritwood are the citizens that choose to be on our war stone for the purpose of protecting and defending Spiritwood or our allies and furthering the good of those loyal to the Regent.  We are one, thus we list ourselves as one on our website.  Members are free to flow back and forth between the stones picking the wars and events they chose to get involved with.

Here is the main part of the Guardians of Sosaria. This is how the Guild works, this is the structural heirachy of the Guardians and how it may help things run a bit more smoother. As in all things in the Guardians, it may be subject to change to better reflect the members of the Guilds, and their wants and needs. This is not set in stone, but rather is a foundation of sorts to set the tone for the Guild...

Also remember that the Guardians were created for all kinds of people in mind...from Novice Mages to Heavily Armored Knights on horseback to Bards who sing in the streets to Thieves who do the actual spying or stealing from those who deserve it...we turn back no one if he or she meets the requirements to join the Guardians. Whether he be a Thief, a Warrior, or a Mage, it is not the skill that makes a person but how a person USES that skill. Remember that when you protest against having thieves in the Guardians...for those of you who have played will know there IS a difference between Good Thieves and Bad Thieves...

We have split up this section into 7 parts...these are listed above. Links are provided to each section for more detail and better understanding of the principles behind each Section of the Guardians. The GuildMaster and the player in question will work together to see where he or she fits in best...based upon the Skills of said player, the knowledge he or she brings to the Guild, the Interest he or she projects towards the Guardians, and the dedication he or she is towards a given task is all crucial factors to deciding what rank is to be given. A person interested in the High Council must be highly dedicated to the Guild and skillfull enough to have a leadership position while a player with a simple yet powerful warrior who just enjoys the occassional stroll into a dungeon who wishes to be a Knight are great examples of picking your own ranks/titles.

A special note is added to this section and it covers a little bit on recruitment. As was said before, when a player first joins the Guild they are made to be Accepted. Accepted are pretty much what you would call newly Recruited Guardians with less access to the Guild. Accepted is a special title given to all newcomers until they are acceptable to be a full fledged Guardian.


As the Guild grows, so will the Titles and Ranks System. Changes will be updated on the web page as soon as possible to reflect the changes made within game