Guardians of Sosaria
Glimpses of the Past


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Our History


We offically became a guild in September of 2000, when after many months of planning, developing a structure, and publishing our first web site, Jaxom Vortache began recruiting members. The Vortache family was of course the first members, he then recruited MystWhispers, Savhanna, and Shafton (Gramps to most of us) with the rest of their family promised to follow soon. Theo, Victoria, Martha Stewart, and Ubertino Kalon were among the charter members.
With Jaxom and Martha at the helm as High Lord & Lady, our ship began it's venture into this realm. Savhanna as Mistress Merchant soon placed and got a vendor house running for the guild, while we resided in a small tower on loan from Jim Marrins who would come to join us in the coming months.


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