Guardians of Sosaria

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Welcome to the home page for the Guardians of Sosaria and Spiritwood!


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Enter the Halls of the Guardians, the Home of the Guardians of Sosaria and Spiritwood.  Tho we hold two stones we are one in spirit and guild members are free to move between the two stones after full membership in the guild. 
 Herein you will find many types of different things that may interest you. Down below is a description of what the Guardians of Sosaria is all about; above is a menu of choices to look up on the Guardians Web Site. We are an ever changing and growing Guild and the Halls of the Guardians will reflect these changes so check back often!


The Guardians of Sosaria, GoS for short, is a Guild of Good that is dedicated to helping others, within the community as well as within the guild, and having fun. A well structured guild of mature players, GoS is striving to be the home for many different types of people in Brittania, ranging from Axe wielding Warriors to Spell Casting Mages, from Hard Working Smiths to Daredevil Treasure Hunters. Working hard to build up the skills of many of our people, different in all walks of life, and to organize hunts and events satisfying to all, GoS is hoping to be a Guild everyone can depend on.
Come in and enter the Halls of the Guardians, where you will find all about the Guardians of Sosaria, its members, its ranks and its titles, and much, much more. Learn all about how the Guardians of Sosaria work, and how they strive to be a close knit smaller guild that feels more like a family. Jump on ship, and be part of a future, a growing, thriving future, and make a mark on a Guild as others have done before..You! Come in and join the Guardians of Sosaria in its travels across the length and breadth of the Land of Brittania, and learn its many secrets.

Working from our homelands of Spiritwood, encircling the Shrine of Spirituality, the Guardians of Sosaria try to meet the needs of each guild mate. Sparring partners for warriors gaining skill, two vendor houses for craftsmen gaining skill and warriors unloading weapons from hunts, barracks for the homeless, events and companionship for all. Advice and training tips for those working on a skill new to them. Although we are a guild for mature players we welcome those new to the realm as well as those who have exsisted here for some time.
There are many guilds in the realm, each a little different. Please read on to see if we are the type of guild you are looking for. If we are, go to the ' Join Now ' Page and send us an email...we shall get back to you as soon as possible!


If you have questions reguarding GoS or wish to join, you may contact the Guild's Mistress with this link.

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